A new ordinance that started this week has dog owners crying foul!


What is the new leash law at Baxter Woods?

According to WGME 13, an ordinance that was passed by the Portland city council back in October, went into effect Thursday, April 1 at Mayor Baxter Woods in Portland. There are new signs and park rangers trying to enforce a new leash law that says dogs have to be on a leash all the time from now until July 31st.

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Why is there a new leash law?

The director of Parks and Recreation (also a great show to binge) said that they are trying to create a park that is for more than just one type of person. They always want Portland's public areas to be for everyone. So, you have to have a leash on your dog from April 1 through July. And that's all the time...every day.  Plus, this is the time when birds nest - migratory birds, ground nesting birds. The deed from Governor Baxter actually says this should be a refuge for birds. Guess what dogs love? Bird's nests. They are going to monitor if this actually affects the bird population. And they didn't come by this idea willy nilly. They spent about 18 months coming up with a plan and the public did have feedback.

(Photo Credit: Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland)

Is Portland getting sued because of the new law?

Yes. The Friends of Mayor of Baxter Woods, thinks this is a miss. They wanted some off leash hours. So they have filed a lawsuit saying that this new ordinace goes against what Governor Baxter would have wanted, because he loved dogs. But for now, it's a rule and one that if you don't follow it, you will be fined 75 dollars for the first offense.



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