Larissa Tenters is the proud owner of Penelope the pig. Penelope is an 8-year-old Duroc pig who has lived at Deoss Farm in Concord for the last six years. Deoss Farm is the last farm within the city limits of Concord to have a pig. Miss Penelope has been described at 750 pounds of pure love. She comes when called and also responds to the name "Pretty Lady".

Penelope gets only the best for her meals. Neighbors, friends, and family come by to drop off leftovers. As you can imagine it takes a lot of food for Penelope to maintain that piggish figure. Back in the Summer Larissa shared this tender moment on the u Local NH Facebook page. Behold: Penelope enjoying her meal so much she decided to roll around in it:

This big pig energy is what we all need in our lives. Penelope has a few chicken room mates but her ultimate bestie is a rooster named Sgt. Pepper. Sgt Pepper and Penny have such a sweet friendship. According to Larissa, Sgt. Pepper decided to separate from his flock and move downstairs with Miss Penelope this Spring. Together they roam around Penelope’s large field. Penelope digs holes and turns up the dirt with her snout and Sgt. Pepper stays close behind her checking for bugs and treats. The two are always together waiting for Larissa to feed them breakfast and dinner. Here they are enjoying breakfast together:

Larissa Tenters via Facebook
Larissa Tenters via Facebook

Penelope has no problem sharing her slop with her rooster friend. Even though he is only 10 pounds, her large 750 pound frame doesn’t intimidate him! The Sgt. stays close by her knowing she provides him security and protection from predators. This Fall Larissa tried mixing the Sgt. back into his flock but he wasn’t having it. He headed straight back to his best bud and made it clear that is where he wants to be. Sgt. Peppers brother, Officer Oreo, is the head rooster of their flock. They have been together since they were chicks but the Sgt chooses to live with Miss Penelope instead. It’s like Sgt. Pepper realized Miss Penelope was alone down there and knew she needed a friend. I'm not crying, you're crying!! They need to make a Disney movie about these two.

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