We Mainers love our steamed red hot dogs and you can get them on the cheap at nearly any convenience store in the state. Jay Ramey snapped this picture of the hot dog steamer at Mountain Valley Variety in Rumford. We hope this is just a typo or some sort of math error, because when you look closely at the price of big hot dogs, something doesn't add up.

Jay Ramey
Jay Ramey

You've got two choices. Your regular sized steamed hot dogs or big hot dogs. The regular dogs are 99 cents each or 2 for $1.79. Awesome deal, right? Then there's the big hot dogs. $2.19 for one, but if you buy two they are $4.99. Huh?

Maybe the $4.99 includes tax? Nope. With the 5.5% Maine sales tax 2 dogs would run you $4.62. Maybe you should just buy one big dog, pay for it, go sit in your car and eat it, then grab another one.

We're sure that the good folks at Mountain Valley Variety just made a simple mistake. Maybe they meant to write $3.99? Maybe you should just get four small hot dogs instead.

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