Before I tell you anything, watch this video we made. If you're at work, no worries - you can even watch it on silent to learn this cool trick.

HOW CRAZY IS THAT?! Did you know you could just hold down the space bar in messages and slide your curser wherever you want in your message instead of trying to pinpoint exactly where you want to go with your fat finger and inevitably landing in the wrong spot?! No one I asked in the office knew this trick, even the most tech savvy millennials among us. So, you're welcome - not only is your life profoundly better with this trick, but you can spread joy and happiness across the land with your knowledge and iPhone alone. Happy texting!

PS. Don't mind the previous text I had sent to Lori requesting she bring me a glasses screwdriver. My glasses bands loosened up enough to keep sliding down my nose and she told me she had that special teeny tiny screwdriver that you need to fix them... obviously. And don't worry - she remembered to bring it and I tightened my glasses. This story has a happy ending. Now BACK TO TEXTING EXCITEMENT!

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