Last week, The Q Morning Show got on the subject of candy in Japan, where there are supposedly way more flavors of Kit Kat bars than here in America.

Shortly after we went off the air, listener Robin (of Robin's Confections!) said her friend had just sent her special Japanese Kit Kats for her birthday, and she'd be happy to come in and share them.

When she showed up, the wrappers alone made us feel as though we were not worthy...

Lou, Townsquare Media

The birthday Kit Kat her friend had picked out was flavored "aquamarine," which is a stone, so we weren't sure what to expect. Once she unwrapped it and shared a couple bites, we experienced the taste and gorgeous dressing up of a common candy we had formerly associated with truck stops and halloween. I mean, is that a decorative pearl?!

Turns out, aquamarine tastes like mint with a fruity ending. Curious, to be sure.

My favorite part of Robin's visit was the box of Needhams (Robin's Confections' specialty) which I'd never tried before and highly recommend...

AND the fact that Robin is opening a brick and mortar shop in a couple months, just off the exit in Biddeford, and continuing to grow and expand her business!