Do you ever remember those awful corporate training videos you had to watch when you got your first job at a fast food place? Here's a classic from Wendy's that will make you groan.

I'm not sure if the woman in this training video on how to serve cold drinks at Wendy's is supposed to becoming across as sexy or they're trying to mimic a Paula Abdul video, but man this is bad. How can anyone retain the instructions she gives when she's this laughable. I wonder where she is today and if she regrets having done this.


So let's compare this to Paul Abdul's 'Straight Up' shall we?



Sounds similar enough. One was a number one hit, is remembered with groans from young new employees of Wendy's in the 80s?

Did you ever see this awful training video after getting a job at Wendy's years ago? If so, we're glad we could send you down this pathetic memory lane.

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