Olympia Sports, based in Westbrook was bought by JackRabbit, a place that specializes in running.

According to the Sun Journal, Olympia Sports said that about half of their 150 stores will close, and that does include some here in Maine. There are also going to be layoffs at Olympia's headquarters in Westbrook.

They wouldn't say how many would be laid off, but said the lay offs would be phased with the closings, the newspaper stated.


Which stores will close?

The company wouldn't say, but they did say to look for liquidation sales, and that it meant they really were liquidating.

Olympia has stores from Maine to Virginia.

At the start of the summer JackRabbit had 62 stores in 18 states, but with the purchase of Olympia, they will grow to have 135 stores, according to the Sun Journal. More than doubling their size.

One bit of good news is that the Auburn location was told they were not on the chopping block and will remain open.

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