A 13-year-old classmate of Nick Manning asked if I would help spread the word that his family needs help. Happy to help Danielle.

Lequette Manning

Danielle, a friend of Nick, called Ryan during her lunch break. Ryan asked her to reach out on our Facebook page - and she did.

She shared that Nick is a good friend of hers and has stage 2 colon cancer. According to Danielle, Nick is

...a really good kid. he loves sports and try’s to make everyone laugh. I got the idea form one of the teachers in my school to call you guys. And see if you guys could put the link to his go fund me page that his dad made to help pay for his chemotherapy...

Lequette Manning

Of course. We can't imagine the fight Nick has ahead of him. If you are able to help his family with the cost, Danielle would really appreciate it.