23-year-old Shawn Mckeough was killed in Arkansas Friday night. He was trying to stop an armed robbery at a convenience store.

According to NewsCenter Maine, Shawn graduated from Westbrook High School in 2014 and was a senior airman with the Air Force. He was stationed at the Little Rock Air Force base.

Two robbers got away and Little Rock police are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to their capture.


The YouTube video shows the people who robbed the store and killed Shawn. Anyone who knew him said he was an amazing person. His friends have been sharing how great he is through Facebook.

Everyone is heart broken. Shawn was serving his country and died a hero trying to stop two people from robbing a convenience store...

I know we are far from Little Rock, Arkansas - but if anyone has any information, so that Shawn's killers can be brought to justice, please contact the police. You can also use the 24-hour tip line at (501) 680-8439.

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