Blizzard warnings are in place all along the entire Maine coast  through at least midnight tonight as yet another Nor'easter hits the state. Maine has already had one blizzard this year. Could this be the second?

This map from The National Weather Service shows the different storm warnings throughout the state. Most of the state that is in the light color is under a Winter Storm Warning. The purple area at sea is a gale warning, and the orange color along the coast is a blizzard warning.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

For a storm to be classified as a blizzard, these things must occur:

  • Large amounts of snow or blowing snow
  • Sustained winds of 35 MPH or more for at least three hours
  • Visibilities less than 1/4 mile for at least three hours

If at any point all those three criteria are met, you have yourself a good old fashioned Maine blizzard.

Double digit snow falls are predicted for most of Maine. As of this writing, Portland has already had one hour of sustained winds and visibilities are expected to be at or below 1/4 mile. So, at least along the coast, the chances of this becoming a blizzard are pretty good.

We already had one blizzard this winter back on Christmas Day when we got more than a foot of snow and strong winds. This storm looks like it could be even bigger.

Stay at home and stay safe if you can until this wraps up on Wednesday afternoon.

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