Why? Why can't anyone capture the beauty that is known as Tom Brady? The latest fiasco is the new wax museum in Boston.


Oh boy. There are about 100 figures on display in the newly opened Dreamland Wax Museum in Boston. They include Mother Teresa, Richard Nixon, Queen Elizabeth II - and Boston hero Tom Brady.

Here's how Dreamland describes their place:

Explore New England’s premier wax museum located in the historic City Hall Plaza. Only yards away from Faneuil Hall and a couple of steps off The Freedom Trail, the Dreamland Wax Museum is embedded in the heart of Boston.


Here's how a Pat's fan described Tom Brady...


Marc is not alone:

  • "So which is the creepiest Tom Brady? New wax museum Brady, fake mask Brady or courtroom sketch Brady?"
  • "Whoever created that wax Brady should return their salary!! Looks like a cross between Gostkowski and the Geico Caveman."
  • "So disrespectful to the GOAT."

It's not just Tom that the museum seems to have whiffed. What does the Dreamland Wax Museum think of all the bad press?

They love it, because people are talking about them...I wonder if that's how Trump get's through the night. Speaking of, this is Trump!

- Paul Marotta Getty Images
- Paul Marotta Getty Images

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