I just picked up my clean dry laundry from the laundromat and found something VERY curious among my articles of clothing. Let me preface this by saying I always check machines before I put my load in so it doesn't get mixed up with a stranger's abandoned sock.

Here we go:

Lou, Townsquare Media

Weird, right? At first I was grossed out that someone left their hair accessory behind, but there's no clasp or clip like there typically is on hair extensions...

Lou, Townsquare Media

It's a flawless, albeit simple construction - just a generous handful of hairs twisted around each other until they've wrapped into this delicate two-piece braid.

Then it hit me...

Lou, Townsquare Media


If this is someone else's clipless extension, what are the chances it's exactly the length and color of my hair? I'm beginning to think this is some magical freak accident in which the static electricity in the dryer extracted my individual hairs (of which there are MANY) from my clothes while they were tumbling round and round, and gradually twisted them together until they formed this gorgeously disturbing souvenir.

Like any self-respecting millennial, I googled "spare hair twisted from dryer" and similar keywords, but there are far too many hair tutorials involving twists and dryers to dig through and find anyone else who may have experienced this phenomenon.

So I turn to you, Portland laundry-doers, friends. WHAT THE EFF IS THIS AND HAVE YOU EVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT?! I patiently await your response.