The statewide "stay healthy at home" order has commenced, which means we can be fined for going out without purpose or not publicly following social distance guidelines.

Mainers will face up to but not an excess of a $1000 fine for not following the instructions of this new ordinance.

I know some of my neighbors are upset, but as I mentioned in about my experience with H1N1, desperate times call for drastic measures.

This morning the Portland Press Herald outlined the does and don'ts of the plan that goes into effect Thursday night.

They stated things like how you can still go the grocery store but for essentials or for a walk outside as long as you keep the 6-feet social distancing.

Now here is the question for you, do you still believe this is a needed step to slow the virus, or do you still feel this is all "overblown?"

These are strange times we are living in. I welcome your thoughts?