Here’s an interesting question for the water cooler this week... What things or places in Southern Maine would people watch if they were streamed 24/7? Our friends at Z107.3 in Bangor came up with a list of things that people would want to stream in the Queen City... but how about down here? These are some of my ideas:

1 - The Time & Temperature Sign

2 - Hadlock Field

Preferably, close enough to see the game!

3 - The Baby Goats at Sunflower Farm

They're SO CUTE when they have their PJs on!

4 - Monument Square

There's always something going on in "Maine's town square." At the center of the city, there are almost daily protests, demonstrations, events, farmers' markets, and other things happening.

5 - The Beach

You can't have live cams in southern Maine without a shot of the beach!

6 - Bug Light in South Portland

Not as famous as it's cousin up the road, but still a great spot to see the boats go by!

7 - The Snow Machines at Sunday River & Sugarloaf

Even in the middle of the summer, I bet people would stare at the stream.

8 - The Maine State House

We could keep an eye on those jokers in Augusta!

9 - America's Most Famous Lighthouse

How could you even have a list without this on it? I would watch the light allllll night long.

10 - The Eastern Prom

When it's not full of people, it's a great spot to fly kites & watch the boats!

So... what else should be on our list? Comment and let us know!


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