It can get a little confusing as to what exactly is open these days...

Nothing makes bad weather seem worse than being stuck inside. The first sign of sun and temperatures above 40 makes us want to get outside in a park or beach. That's not easy these days.

News Center Maine put together a very helpful listing of beaches and parks that are open and those that are closed.

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Closed Public Beaches, according to News Center Maine:

  • Kittery Public Beaches
  • York Public Beaches
  • Ogunquit Public Beaches
  • Kennebunk Public Beaches
  • Wells Public Beaches

There is no re-open date for those beaches. There are 10 state park with beaches that are also closed. These do have a date to open of April 30th, although that could change.

Closed Maine State Parks, according to News Center Maine:

  • Reid State Park in Georgetown
  • Popham Beach State Park in Phippsburg
  • Fort Popham State Park in Phippsburg
  • Fort Baldwin State Park in Phippsburg
  • Kettle Cove State Park in Cape Elizabeth
  • Two Lights State Park in Cape Elizabeth
  • Crescent Beach State Park in Cape Elizabeth
  • Scarborough Beach State Park in Scarborough
  • Ferry Beach State Park in Saco
  • Mackworth Island State Park in Falmouth
  • Acadia National Park

There are a couple of beaches that are open...but with restrictions.

Open Beaches in Maine, according to News Center Maine:

  • Old Orchard Beach
  • Pine Point Beach in Scarborough
  • Higgins Beach in Scarborough

To try and keep crowds down in all these beaches, there are parking restrictions.

Old Orchard Beach is never easy to park for anyway - but half the parking lot is blocked at Pine Point and all municipal lots are closed to Higgins Beach, but the beach is open, the news center stated.

Yarmouth is doing the same thing with it's beaches, News Center Maine reported. The parking lots are closed, but the beaches are open.

They hope by making it harder to get to, it will cut down on the number of people. Plus, you STILL have to practice social distancing when out in public.

If we can stick it out a little longer, we will all be able to enjoy the beautiful beaches and parks in Maine.

I bet, in fact, we REALLY will appreciate them when we can just go and not have to worry...



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