It's amazing what you can learn through Google Trends. For instance, want to know what the most popular brewery in each state is? Google Trends is your friend.

Business Broker Network did the legwork to determine what the most popular style of beer is for each state as well as the most popular brewery. Using Google Trends, they found what was searched for most in each state. What's the verdict for Maine?

Well for beer style, it's probably no surprise that Pale Ale is the most popular in Maine, and pretty much all of New England.

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As for most popular brewery of the hundreds throughout Maine, Allagash is the winner.


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Porstmouth Brewery was most popular in New Hampshire, and Harpoon in Massachusetts.

You may disagree, but facts or facts when it comes to Google searches, so let us know what you would pick for you favorite brewery in the comments below or on our Facebook page.