Being healthy is hard. But this was just stupid...


I have been working out with Lou for the past few weeks (3 times in 3 weeks...I have lost at least 2 ounces!)

And I'm also trying to watch what I eat. Not that I eat's just that I really love food and I can plow through some piles of deliciousness.

Breakfast is my worst. I tend to skip it (bad!) and then when I do eat, I don't choose the best things. So, I picked up some 'roasted seaweed'...

I saw someone eating them in the office.*

They are disgusting.

I mean...they are crunchy, but it truly tastes like...well, seaweed!

It got me thinking...what else have people eaten in the name of 'eating better'?


*The co-worker is thin, hot and looks like a model. Of course I wanted to eat what she was eating. I'll stick to looking a tad dumpy, warm and like a Model T.



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