This weekend I was visiting my friends in Boston and having a grand time in my old digs. Fast-forward to halfway through my drive back to Portland, and my boyfriend texts me, "forgot something!" with an attached picture of my toothbrush. Dang it! Luckily, I'm going back down next weekend for a friend's going away party so I planned to grab one while picking up my groceries at Trader Joe's.

You won't be surprised to hear that Trader Joe's toothbrush aisle is very environmentally conscious. I ended up checking out with a toothbrush made from recycled yogurt cups that donates part of its proceeds to a charity.  But once I got home and pulled it out of the wrapper, I noticed it has a weird angle to it.

Lou, Townsquare Media
Lou, Townsquare Media

It's weird, right? It looks like it's backing away from its toothbrushing responsibilities. My teeth aren't fuzzy, little toothbrush! Don't worry!

I have yet to figure out why it's bent over backwards like this; I'm guessing they're going for some new-fangled ergonomic grip, but it just leaves me with a twisted wrist and sore gums. My reunion with my former toothbrush this weekend can't come soon enough.

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