I stopped at McDonald's in Westbrook last Thursday to grab a late lunch. I was in a rush to get out to Gorham to put together final preparations for the New England Pinball Championship I was running. The drive-thru line was long, so I parked and went inside to order a quarter pounder and took it to go.

Later, when I opened my bag, this is the first thing I pulled out.

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Yep. A frylus.

Turns out it was National Selfie Day and to celebrate, McDonald's all over the country were handing out a Frylus to anyone who ordered a Quarter Pounder or Double Quarter Pounder.

What's a frylus? It's a stylus shaped like a french fry that you can use with your phone or tablet.


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The box even folds into a stand to hold your phone, something I would have taken a picture of if my phone wasn't in the stand. These news anchors from Utah can show you.

I'm going to use my Frylus all the time so people will look at me and ask, "Are you touching your phone with a french fry?" To which I'll respond. "Why no I'm not. This is my Frylus."