It's been a year now since Michele and I moved into our new house and ever since then we've been making it our own. We've ripped up carpets and replaced them with flooring, bought new furniture and Michele has been handling the interior decorating. Speaking of which, decorative towels are just plain dumb. How was I supposed to know you weren't supposed to use them?

She's done all the interior decorating for the house including the three bedrooms and that's great, because I'm useless in that department. I'm all about function over style. If it serves its purpose, it could be polka dot for all I care.

About a month ago, she made a change in my son Jake's bedroom by purchasing a new comforter for his bed. Like father like son, Jake doesn't care what his bedroom looks like. It's for sleeping and playing Fortnite in.

Just this past week Michele also had on a new shirt I had never seen before, but it looked very familiar. Then it suddenly dawned on us that she had bought something like it just a month ago.

Turns out Michele has the exact same taste in fashion as she does decor, because she bought a black and white checkered shirt nearly identical to the comforter that she bought for Jake's bed.

She laid down on it and it was instant camouflage.

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Townsquare Media

I can't wait until she comes home wearing a shirt that matches the curtains.

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