So it looks as if the City of Portland is expanding homeless shelters as it's going to be a frigid winter this year, and we need to be prepared.

According to News Channel 8, Portland has already lost its overflow shelter capacity because of Covid 19 regulations, but they have created some backup plans that look very promising.

The city is looking to be finalizing plans with a halfway house (Joyce House) that will be able to offer 50 beds for homeless people with enough social distancing to reduce the spread of the covid 19 infection.

Budget hotel room
Yong Hian Lim

The city is also in talks with the hotel that could house up to 150 beds for homeless overflow.

These revelations come as cities all across America are trying to decide how to keep more people in housing in general as well as protecting their homeless population from COVID-19, while quashing the spread of the disease.

It's good to see that a lot of community partners and organizations are willing to step up to keep our citizens homebound or homeless safe; what are your thoughts?


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