The other day I solicited Mainers on Instagram for places to go and things to do this summer. I got a lot of ideas DM'ed in response, and I boiled down suggestions to three main categories: Boat, Hike, and Eat.


According to followers of @q979maine, I have to take the ferry out to Monhegan Island from Boothbay Harbor. "Amazing," wrote @mrs7e. @hashtagval claims that the Mail Run with Casco Bay Lines is also too good to pass up. Based on the picture below, I believe her!



An avid outdoorsman in all seasons, I was stoked to get so many suggestions for hiking trails. Mt. Katahdin was suggested the most, and while I may need to warm up to it, it's definitely on my list! Popular other suggestions were Cox Head Trail - @mollyataubb says there's a gorgeous overview of Fort Popham at the top - and good old Acadia National Park, a destination that has been on my list forever. This summer is the one I'll make it up, I'm sure of it!



We've all heard of the tourist hotspot Red's Eats in Wiscasset, and it definitely made a showing in the messages I received. Sea Dog in Topsham, however, was toted as a must-visit destination by @king_doof_the_penguin, who said Red's was really optional. And who wouldn't listen to someone dubbed King Doof? Sea Dog it is! Danny's Hot Dog Stand and Fat Boy's were also among suggestions, and the Q Morning Show is visiting Val's next week in celebration of summer's sudden arrival, so that will be crossed off the list tout suite!

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