As the school year comes to a close and kids get ready to move to the next grade, I've noticed a trend that I think has gotten out of control. Wanting to know if I was the only one who felt this way, I posted a question on my Facebook page:

An opinion that probably isn't a popular one: I think that having graduation ceremonies for anything other than high school seniors minimizes the pomp and circumstance that is the completion of your childhood education and becoming an adult.

The response was overwhelming.

To me, graduating from high school and college are major accomplishments in a person's life. Graduating from preschool or kindergarten...not so much. I feel these ceremonies are just for the cuteness factor and just for the parents.

Graduation ceremonies for other grades prior to high school senior, while actually being accomplishments, aren't worthy of a ceremony as it takes away from what should be a major milestone in a person's life. If they've already had several graduation ceremonies throughout their lifetime, the experience of a high school graduation has been diminished. Been there, done that.

There's a scene in the original The Incredibles that Kate Cob sent to us that says exactly what I feel.

I got plenty of comments both agreeing and disagreeing with me.

Honestly I think high school and college are important. Everything else is just to appease the parents lol

-Crystal McTid


I feel that it makes kids feel good to celebrate the completion of the other levels and it makes them want to experience that feeling again.

-Robert Metayer


I agree times 1000%. I thought 8th grade graduation was weird when I did it, and now kids graduate from kindergarten and even pre-school? Nope.

-Rebecca Hosley


My son graduates grade school and it’s a big deal because it was a very long road to get him to where he is now. Excited to celebrate it with him

-Nicole Marie


So what do you think? Are graduation ceremonies other than high school or college really necessary? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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