I don't know why I wondered this...but I did.


Have you ever noticed? Not every pair of my underwear has a pocket...but a lot of them do!


So...why the hell is that there?

There are a few answers out there. I'm not sure which to believe:

  • that it saves time and money to NOT sew that last bit of fabric
  • the material was added to make sure the underwear passes safety test (?)
  • if they DID sew the flap closed, the stitching would be irritating to your lady parts
  • where else ya gonna hide that lucky penny?

Okay, that last one was NOT found on the internet as a reason why - but maybe it should be added?

I have never really questioned the ol' crotch pocket, until recently. Do men have a 'pocket'? Is it special just for us?

Why is it only on some underwear?

Okay...problem of the day - it's up to you to tell me what the hell is happening?


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