Anyone else a total sucker for unique properties? It doesn’t matter that I, personally, will likely never own a home in Maine (insert a “not in this economy” meme here), I spend entirely too much time on sites like Realtor and Zillow.

I just found a property that takes the cake in coolness and it’s located in the town of Bath. Not only is it an incredible property, but it also has a deep history dating back to the 1700s, the birth of the State of Maine, and our very first governor, William King.

Governor William King

Like many politicians, King was a wealthy man. According to DownEast, he was from a wealthy family in Scarborough that fell on difficult times as he came of college-age. Turns out this could have been the best thing for King as he ventured on an impressive path.

He eventually became a ship owner, was behind the first bank in Bath, owned Maine’s first cotton mill which was located in Brunswick, and a real estate mogul of his time. Prior to Maine becoming a state he was a representative of Topsham and then Bath in the Massachusetts legislature according to Maine an Encyclopedia.

King was one of the big players in separating from Massachusetts in 1820 and won an overwhelming majority of the votes to be our first governor. He wasn’t governor for long, however, as he resigned in 1821.

40 Whiskeag Rd, Bath, Maine

King, of course, had a summer home and this home was located in Bath and at the time the property was referred to as Stonehouse Farm states DownEast. Atop the house was a cupola that screams royalty. And for his time, King definitely was.

That home is now known as the Willaim King House on the market presented by Katherine Leeman and brokered by Legacy Properties Sotheby’s International Realty for $825,000. The listing indicates 4 bedrooms, 3.5+ bathrooms, 4,758 square feet.

It’s a property fit for a King. Check it out below or see the full listing here!

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As the story goes according to Boston Magazine, the home was said to have been built by a man in 1890 on a plot of land that was left by his father to him and his brother. Well, this guy had been off fighting in the Civil War, and once he returned he discovered that his brother had gone ahead and built a big house on that land.

Then, out of pure spite he built the skinny spite house on the remaining plot between his brother's house and another building to block sunlight and harbor views from his brother.

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