This has potential...I just don't know if I have the patience.



This is what happens when you stare at Facebook and just keep scrolling and scrolling. You end up seeing something that you just MUST have. For me it was this stupid magic wooden toy.


I had no idea it was a magic trick. I had just seen this cool toy that went back together and I (of course) assumed it was a magnet or something super cool! So, I bought three of these suckers and tried it.

So, not the smoothest thing ever...but I can see it having potential. The hardest part is putting it together. The 'string' is soooo fine and long! I hooked the little thingy to my ear, but you could put it on your shirt like in the video. I just couldn't figure out what worked best because it's NOT the easiest thing ever. I can totally see tricking 4 year olds. But beyond that...I think I'll keep my day job.


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