New Year's Resolutions

Some people faithfully make New Year's Resolutions either at the very end of one year or the very start of a brand new one. Others think Resolutions are trash. But one thing is for sure.

If one WMUR viewer's New Year's Resolution was to be the biggest d-bag they can be, they crushed their goal not even 24 hours into the new year.

WMUR via YouTube
WMUR via YouTube

WMUR's Jacqueline Thomas

If you're a Mainer reading this story and you think the name Jacqueline Thomas sounds familiar, that's because it should and it does. From 2018 through 2021, Jacqueline was a meteorologist for Channel 8 WMTW, before heading south to WMTW's sister station, WMUR, in 2021.

And you'd think the fact that she's a New England native that left the area for college, hustled, and came back to report the weather in her home region for the last 5+ years would be hugely respected. And maybe it is with some viewers.

But for others -- one in particular whose identity was actually protected by Jacqueline herself -- her hustle means nothing. Probably because they themselves didn't get hugged enough throughout life.

That said, recently on her Twitter page, Jacqueline revealed that she didn't even make it a full 24 hours into the new year before receiving her first piece of insulting/hate mail in her Outlook inbox.

We've seen the transformation of J. Thomas and how she has grown in her looks and how professional she is. But what happened to her hairstyle on the 1/1/23 6pm show. It looks like she curled it too much. Please go back to your normal look. Thank you.

Thankfully, based on her caption of the tweet, it seems like Jacqueline found it as random, hilarious, and "seriously?" as anyone else with a functioning brain that actually likes and appreciates the human race.

But that said, thoughts and prayers to the viewer who was clearly very disturbed and upset by Jacqueline's hair to kick off the year. Truly, though. Our hearts go out to you and we all hope you make it through this dark, difficult time. And hopefully, someday, the hair of "J. Thomas" will please you once again and your life will return back to normal.

By the way, Jacqueline, if you're reading this and care about another opinion you don't need and shouldn't care about -- I vote #WavyHairDontCare.

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