According to NewsCenter Maine, Mary Dunham was driving home and noticed what she thought was a star, but it was a drone that appeared to be following her!

She stopped at a stop sign and took a right. So did the drone. Well, that really freaked her out.

Mary Dunham Facebook
Mary Dunham Facebook

Mary did not want to go home if this thing was purposely following her.

News Center Maine stated she went to a gas station that was close, sat in her car and called the police. The drone hovered near by and was still there when police showed up.

Police did confirm that there was a drone and then, the drone started following the police officer, according to the news station. Police said this whole thing is highly unusual.

But the story gets even crazier, because the very next day, News Center Maine reported, another drone followed her as she drove to her brother's house in Standish. She was on the phone with the police the whole time. She pulled into a parking lot and she and police watched the drone watch them for 20 minutes!

Police have contacted the FAA to see if they can find who the pilot is.

Police say that if you see a drone that you think is spying on you, call the police. And if you want to just shoot it down - well, that's a federal offense.

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