During the segment on Kelly and Ryan of 'Stump the Hosts' - Coleen Walther from Poland won a trip!


You are supposed to try and stump the hosts by telling one truth and one lie. Kelly and Ryan have to figure out which one is true!

Coleen said that she was once a cheerleader for the Philadelphia Eagle or a pageant winner.

They called bs on cheerleading and yup, she was not a cheerleader for the Eagles. But she was the Credit Union Queen in Pennsylvania. Since she didn't stump the hosts, she did not win a Kelly and Ryan mug. That's cool - she already had one. Then they spin a wheel, it lands on an 8400 dollar vacation to Antigua. She has to answer a trivia question about a previous show.

What did Tate Donavan say was the first thing he buys to eat when he comes to New York?

Why of course Coleen knew it was a pretzel croissant! She wins the trip and the whole town of Poland (well, those who know Coleen) jump for joy!

Way to go Coleen! Catch her segment. She starts around minute 16!

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