We're truly blessed in New England for so many reasons: Getting to experience four different seasons throughout the year (even if some of them don't fully show up -- we're looking at you, Winter 2023/24), beaches, lakes, mountains, scenery...

...and above all else, an amazing food scene.

Getty Images / Meritt Thomas / Photo by Mario on Unsplash / Photo by Kevin Lanceplaine on Unsplash
Getty Images / Meritt Thomas / Photo by Mario on Unsplash / Photo by Kevin Lanceplaine on Unsplash

Best New England Restaurants

One of the greatest parts about the area is that no matter whether you're in the northern part of New England like Maine or New Hampshire, or more Southern New England like Massachusetts or Rhode Island, you can't miss when it comes to good eats.

Seafood, soups, burgers, steaks -- you name it, we've mastered it, even with a bit of a theme spin (as evidenced by the menu at different locations of Chunky's Cinema Pub or Smitty's Cinema, both of which have movie-themed items on their menus).

And the theme portion is where we get into a bit of an interesting situation, as a favorite restaurant in New Hampshire has gone viral for their drink menu, which has a bit of a fun, x-rated theme.

Photo by Helena Yankovska on Unsplash / Canva
Photo by Helena Yankovska on Unsplash / Canva

Ya Mas Salem NH

While Salem, New Hampshire, is known for features like Canobie Lake Park and the newest edition to the town, Tuscan Village, Salem is also a sleeper pick for some of the best food in the region.

Delicious diners like Mary Ann's, incredible Italian restaurants like Trattoria Amalfi, and spots for amazing American cuisine like Copper Door -- Salem also has a great Greek restaurant inside of the Mall at Rockingham Park -- Ya Mas Greek Taverna & Bar.

And recently, the cocktail menu at Ya Mas went viral after being featured in a post to the New Hampshire Eats group on Facebook, with a caption questioning whether or not the menu may be a bit too over the top.

With a variety of sexual references, while unique, some are wondering if the menu isn't a little too over the top considering it's a restaurant that families with young children occasionally dine at.

To their credit, though, according to the post in the New Hampshire Eats group on Facebook:

The server actually put it face down because we had children at the table.

Based on the comments section, about 90% of people actually love the unique take on the menu, and even gave props to servers that see children at the table and smartly put the menu face down.

And it may all come down to what one commenter in particular mentioned:

Let’s not take life so seriously, life is short.

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