Imagine driving through Gorham and then you look up and see in your rearview mirror those dreaded blue lights. You see a speed limit sign of 35 and you look at your speedometer hanging out at 45. You done goofed, bud.

Then imagine seeing Massachusetts plates on the vehicle. Personally, I'd be super confused and honestly would hesitate to pull over. I may even go so far as to call local authorities myself to verify.

That's why I so appreciate the Cumberland County Police Department sharing that, for now, they do in fact have a cruiser with Massachusetts plates.

Like any business or organization, sometimes there are issues beyond your control, and for CPD, they are awaiting a new 2020 Ford Interceptor but getting the vehicle has been delayed. In an effort to fill the gap in the meantime they have a vehicle on loan. It's equipped with everything they need, the only downside is the Massachusetts plates.

Take a good look at the vehicle below just in case you come across it in your rearview mirror.

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