Big national coffee chains aren't the only ones with secret menu items. 

Red's Dairy Freeze in South Portland served up the first cone of it's finest soft serve and frozen yogurt in 1952. The modest menu consisted of vanilla ice cream cones, ice cream sandwiches, banana splits, and milkshakes. Today, Red's Dairy Freeze is a super popular spot for summertime ice cream treats, but their extensive modern day menu is more than meets the eye.

I caught wind of a secret menu item at Red's Dairy Freeze from a coworker earlier this week. It's called the Boston Shake. 

It's not the latest YouTube dance craze. A Boston Shake is the combination of a milkshake or malt on the bottom with a hot fudge sundae on top. You can get creative with your own Boston Shake. Try a triple chocolate variety (chocolate shake with a chocolate hot fudge sundae on top) or try one of Red's other soft serve flavors like the fresh strawberry on top of a vanilla shake.

Try the Boston shake... It scares away all the Yankee fans.

- Review from Billy on Foursquare

The next time you're craving a big, sweet, frozen dairy treat, order off the menu at Red's Dairy Freeze and get yourself the Boston Shake.

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