Dunkin' has a new exciting thing that makes staying cool fun!


Run, don't walk, to your nearest Dunkin' to try their new popping bubbles! You can add them to any iced drink on their menu! If you are a fan of boba, you'll LOVE these!


My favorite part is that it comes with a big ol' straw (paper thank you very much) so that you can get the strawberry-flavored popping bubbles.


Look at the width of that straw! In comparison, I would say it's a good 2-3 times wider than your average straw. Why so big? Well, because those Popping Bubbles are pretty darn big. Big and squishy and fun to burst!



The little fun Popping Bubble is made with plant-sourced color, and it goes really well, with any of Dunkin's iced or frozen drinks - especially the Coconut and Lemonade Refreshers.

We've had some pretty hot days. Sure you're fine in air conditioning, but if you have to walk anywhere outside, it can be brutal! Don't even think of mowing your lawn! Although, that is exactly what I'm thinking about doing. Because if I mow my lawn on a hot, oppressive summer day - and a cold frosty Dunkin' drink is waiting for me on the other side? I just might be able to survive another day!



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