It was a very somber day for Maine...


32-year-old Captain Joel Barnes lost his life in a fire in Berwick on March 1st.

According to WCSH NewsCenter Maine, thousands of firefighters and those wanting to pay their respects, lined the streets of Portland on Sunday March 10th.


It was a fitting tribute to a hero who gave his own life to save that of another fire fighter.

Maine State Police led a procession starting at 9:30 a.m. from Old Orchard Beach to South Portland Central Fire Station where Barnes' casket was placed on a fire truck. Then the procession went across the Casco Bay Bridge...ending at the Cross Insurance Arena with snow falling.



To add tragedy to an already heartbreaking day, another firefighter lost his life after having a medical incident. Oxford Fire Chief Gary Sacco passed away while in Portland for the funeral of Capt. Joel Barnes.

It was a gut wrenching blow to the brave firefighters of Maine and we all grieve with you.


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