Portland is such a cool place with little treasures tucked away. That's where you'll find Backyard Blooms.


Backyard Blooms in Portland is Jason and Kate's passion. They were childhood friends in New Hampshire. Just like it happened to many of us, they lost touch after high school. But they were both on a similar path. After college, they both moved to the west coast, ending up in San Francisco where they both met their partners but never reconnecting.

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In 2005, Jason and his husband moved back east to Portland, Maine to start a new life. Ten years later, Kate and her husband Sean did the same, only to find that they had purchased the house next door. Imagine that! Their friendship picked right back up.

Jason had turned his wooded lot into an expansive garden space with all sorts of gorgeous flowers. It was in 2018, he started selling his fresh flowers from a roadside stand and Kate got involved. The community loved it - so Jason and Kate expanded to both their backyards. Backyard Blooms was born.  Their flowers are grown locally. Grown with care. Grown for you.

They do weddings, and offer subscriptions to CSA (community-supported agriculture) where you can always have flowers in your life! But it's their little stand at 74 Ocean Avenue in Portland where you can pick up some flowers and leave your money on the honor system.

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Everyone needs some colorful flowers in their life. Grabbing them from an adorable cart in a quaint neighborhood just makes it even better.



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