18 firefighters with the Paris, Maine, fire department turned in their gear and resigned on Wednesday after a dispute they had with the Town Manager over a personnel.

According to the Sun Journal, the firefighters resigned when Town Manager Dawn Noyes reversed a decision made by the fire chief made over a personnel issue. When Noyes reversed the decision at a fire meeting, 18 firefighters dropped their gear and walked out.

A former fire chief pointed out that the chief has the ultimate authority and decision, not the Town Manager, the newspaper stated. The personnel that was the matter of the dispute was not named, but that person was reinstated by the Town Manager after the chief either fired or demoted the individual.

It seems clear that the firefighters took issue with this person and when the Town Manager reinstated them, they were no longer willing to work with that person. When firefighters risk their lives working as a team, it's important that everyone have confidence in every other member of the team. Without that confidence in even one individual, things like this can happen.

What happens now? We'll have to wait and see.

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