Have you seen the imprint of the devil's snowshoe in Milo or the devil's footprints in Manchester? Turns out there are a ton of places in Maine with 'devil' in their name!

Amanda McDonald
Amanda McDonald

The photo above is what is known as the 'Devil's Footprint' in Manchester. After stumbling upon multiple naturally occurring abnormalities across the state like this with names associated with the word devil we wondered how many there were in Maine. Lucky for us author of 'Legends and Lore of the North Shore', Peter Muise, has done the searching for us and contributed his list to the blog 'New England Folklore'.

Here is the list Peter came up with:

  • Devil's Back Trail- Harpswell
  • Devil's Back- Louds Island
  • Devil's Bog- Skowhegan
  • Devil's Bog Brook- Skowhegan
  • Devil's Chair Trail- Waterville
  • Devil's Den- Andover
  • Devils Den- Sanford
  • Devil's Elbow- Bristol
  • Devil's Elbow- Penobscot County
  • Devil's Footprint Rock- Manchester
  • Devil's Half Acre- A former neighborhood in Bangor
  • Devil's Half Acre- Bar Harbor
  • Devil's Head- Calais
  • Devil's Head- Hartland
  • Devil's Head- John's Island
  • Devil's Head- St. Albans
  • Devil's Horseshoe- Bear
  • Devil's Horseshoe- Grafton
  • Devil's Island- Jonesport
  • Devil's Island- Stonington
  • Devil's Limb- Bristol
  • Devil's Oven- MDI
  • Devil's Snowshoe Track- Milo
  • Devil's Wall- A mountain peak near Mattawamkeag Lake

Some places got their names from spooky local legends like the 'Devil's Snowshoe tracks' and den in Milo or the 'Devil's Footprints in the rock' above. Others like Bangor and Bar Harbor's 'Devil's Half Acre' are named as such because of the amount of crime and overall unruly behavior of the area. Most are given such unnerving names simply because they are deep caves into the ground or strange land formations.

Have you been to any of these places? Are there any more places to add to the list?

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