Every year, I see a list of candy that people just hope won't be given out to trick-or-treaters on Halloween night. Every year I always look at these people and say "What is wrong with you? These candies are great!" Here are five candies I love that most of the world seems to hate.

1. Black Licorice

When did this hatred come around? When I think Twizzlers, I always think black licorice because that's what it was from 1845 to the late 1970's when the introduction of the strawberry Twizzlers changed the way the world defined a Twizzler. Don't get me wrong. I love the strawberry Twizzlers too, but I like the black licorice flavor the best. Give me a bag of either and I'm hard pressed not to polish it off in one sitting.

2. Boston Baked Beans

Boston Baked Beans candies are the furthest things from actual baked beans as you can get. They're just peanuts covered in a brown, sugary, candy coating that makes them look like baked beans. They are also highly addicting! Yep. My box is gone.

3. Good and Plenty

If you don't like black licorice, then you don't like Good and Plenty. They're white and purple candies that kind of look like pills to be honest. It doesn't matter which color you eat, they both taste like licorice.

4. Candy Corn

If you don't understand why they're called Candy Corn, this meme will open your eyes.

Candy Corn Meme

They are delicious and I could eat a whole bag of these too. But first I need to build my own candy corn cob.

5. Circus Peanuts

This could be the most hated candy in the world. The Circus Peanut, believe it or not, is banana flavored. It's true. Google it.

Never mind. I've got you covered right here. Read the first sentence in the second paragraph. Banana! It's also just marshmallow. Orange marshmallow, yes, but it's still marshmallow and I bet you like s'mores and Fluff don't you? Meh.

So there they are. The candy everyone loves to hate and I love to....er....love?

By the way, I got all these at Walgreens for $9. Not exactly penny candy, but worth every penny.



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