So this happened on my way home from work today... not the best way to kick off the weekend!

Ok now I'm getting real sick of this.

I had the pleasure of meeting a listener tonight, along with his girlfriend, in the middle of five lanes of traffic on Broadway in South Portland, in the pouring rain, after he slammed into an F-150 directly behind me, which in turn smashed into my SUV.

I'm ok, my car is sorta ok, but because he "wasn't paying attention" (by his own admission) while traveling at 30+ in the middle of a huge thoroughfare at rush hour in the dark, he almost killed a couple of people, including himself and his girlfriend.

But hey... at least he's "sorry man!"

The poor guy that he hit first, and who in turn hit me, isn't doing too well tonight, and needs a new truck. I was a little luckier.

I really hope that his facebook status or text message or snap or tweet or whatever the hell it was that was so important was worth it. (Spoiler: it wasn't.) This guy couldn't even be bothered enough to get off his phone when the police showed up... they had to tell him to put it away. He didn't seem to realize what had almost happened, or how serious it was.

Do what I do... use Siri or voice command or whatever to talk to your phone when you're driving. I have entire text conversations with people while I'm driving without ever even looking at my phone.

Imma be real mad tho if I ever have to meet another moron like this at 5pm in the rain again.

The number of people who I see at red lights glued to their phones, or even while traveling... looking at their phones... it's insane. This sh*% needs to stop. My life is more important than your instagram.

Plus, I've got a big ass car and it'll probably win.

Have a great weekend.

Ryan Gavin
Ryan Gavin

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