The first thing you should do when deciding to make a list of the 10 worst cities in Maine is know how to pronounce them, because if you can't, how can we take you seriously?

Someone by the name of Nick Johnson, if that is his real name, posted this video countdown of the 10 worst cities in Maine without knowing a thing about the state because he can't even pronounce Skowhegan correctly. Add to that, the fact that half the photos he uses aren't even in Maine.

It's pretty much a giant slam on all of Maine, but "Nick" does this with many other states as well.

"Nick" explains he came up with his list by choosing Maine cities and towns "where people are broke, lots of people don't have a job and crime is much higher than average."

The worst insult he throws down is for the people of Augusta, saying you can spot them because they are the ones with "the 40, the pistol, a beat up car and a pit bull." He does this with animation of a guy wearing a Cincinnati Reds hat. What person in Augusta is a Reds fan? What a douche.

His 10 worst list goes like this:

1. Augusta
2. Skowhegan
3. Paris
4. Caribou
5. Presque Isle
6. Waterboro
7. Waterville
8. Old Town
9. Lewiston
10. Sanford



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