If you've ever visited the Desert of Maine, you realize very quickly that it's a strange phenomenon. Maine, which is known for it's long, harsh winters and short summers, has a collection of odd sand dunes sitting in the middle of a bunch of bustling towns and cities. But every desert has it's secrets, and the Desert of Maine has been hiding theirs for more than 58 years, until now.

Shared on Facebook by the Desert of Maine, after nearly 60 years of being buried beneath the sand, they've begun the process of unearthing the Spring House. That house was constructed in the 1930's as a snack shack of sorts, selling refreshing Maine spring water for only five cents per cup. The house remained operational until World War II, when the Desert of Maine was closed for several years. During that closure, the sand dunes started to swallow up Spring House and when the Desert of Maine reopened, the work to remove all the sand from Spring House would have been too great. By 1962, the entire house was engulfed by the sand, and that's the last time anyone has seen it in person.

Modern technology and a will to dig has led the Desert of Maine to undertake the process of excavating Spring House. There hope is to reveal the entire house and then build a wall around it to show how deep below the sand the house now sits. The project is not complete yet but the Desert of Maine promises to continue to update their progress.

Video tour of the Desert of Maine

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