I was outside for hours on New Year's Eve. I don't do well in cold weather. I always think I'm prepared and my feet and hands are always cold. I thought I had it covered this year!


There's been a run on hand warmers, and heavy duty socks. You know why? It's friggin' cold out! But good ol' Reny's had what I was looking for. Battery operated socks!


Did I look stupid? Perhaps. Did I care? Nope. Were my feet warm for the first time celebrating the New Year at Santa's Village? Nope.

It's weird. Maybe I have something wrong with me. I had boots, FOOT warmers AND battery heated socks! How the hell could my feet be cold? Oh they were so cold my toes were white. White I tell ya!

I don't know what to do about that. My immediate answer is to stay inside. That seems to be working for me so far.


Who has THE Mainer solution to my cold toe problem?

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