"Don't Judge" is a segment on The Q Morning Show with Lori, Jeff and Brittany each day at 7:35 where we judge listeners on all kinds of different things and this week we had a great one.

We asked the question, "What's the stupidest thing you've ever done?" and wow did we get a lot of phone calls and messages on the Q97.9 App and our Facebook page.

One of those was from Gina D'Avingnon who posted her story on our Facebook page and after we read it on the show, all I could think of was the famous triple dog dare in A Christmas Story.


Gina D'Avignon wrote:

I was 13 I had a clipboard and had to know if my pinky fit in the circle at the top. Spoiler alert - it didn’t!! My parents couldn’t cut it off (it was the 70’s - sturdy clipboards). They called the paramedics and they cut the clip board off my finger. The next morning I went to school and told my friends. One friend handed me her clip board and said “ show me.” I said “no!!” Then she double and triple dog dared me! Fast forward 15 min later I’m in the nurses office with yet another clip board on my finger. She called the paramedics- the SAME ones were still on shift. They looked at me and said “ omg didn’t we take a clipboard off your finger last night?” Very awkward and embarrassing moment!

Awkward indeed, but this was a triple-dog dare! Even though it was a slight breach of
etiquette by skipping the triple-dare and going right for the throat.

The photo her dad took at the time is a little blurry, but you get the idea.

Gina D'Avignon
Gina D'Avignon

What's worse? This isn't the only time Gina got caught putting her finger where it doesn't belong:

attachment-Gina Comments

Nice story Gina. We're glad you've grown up to still have all 10 fingers.

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