Would you just die if you saw Harrison Ford in person, hanging out and looking at fruits, veggies, or maybe homemade soaps at your farmers' market?  I would just die. Talk about a celebrity who is very much loved, rarely in the spotlight, and just lives his life.

I'm just gong to say it: O! M! G!  I wonder if his beautiful wife of 13 years, Calista Flockhart, best known for her incredibly fun and witty roll as Ally McBeal on the celebrated television series Ally McBeal was there as well?

Anyway, when it comes to Ford's roles, most of us think of Han Solo from the original Star Wards trilogy, and of course, Indiana Jones.  Doesn't he look just fantastic for 80 years old?  And there's that smile we love.  He was talking to the Farmers' Market vendor manager, according to what the photographer of this image told MassLive.

Cold Spring Soapery, which makes homemade soaps and body butters out of Belchertown, Massachusetts, was clearly set up perfectly to capture this photo at the Amherst Farmers' Market.  Her name is Joyce Douthwright. Joyce, we thank you, even though you didn't get a chance to sell him any soap.  Joyce told me she didn't even say hi because she didn't want to interrupt what looked like a peaceful stroll around the market.

I can imagine how hard it is for someone like him to get out and enjoy everyday events.  He was by himself and once people were beginning to recognize him, he left soon after.

So what was Harrison randomly doing at a Farmers' Market in Amherst?  Well, it's actually not that random.  In case you're not aware, Harrison and Calista's son, Liam, graduated from Amherst college over the weekend.  Congratulations, Liam!
PS: The 4th Indiana Jones, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, comes out June 30  I've attached the trailer, but honestly, it's not like we need to watch it to decide if we're going to see it.  We're talking Harrison Ford.

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