Union Station in Palmer, Massachusettes is a historic railroad station built in 1894 and sits at the junction of what today is the CSX and New England Central railroads. Many years were spent restoring this beautiful landmark to its original glory and today it serves as a restaurant called The Steaming Tender.

Being the big railroad fan that I am, I had dinner at The Steaming Tender during a visit to the area for the finals of The New England Pinball League.

We sat in the former waiting area of the station as trains would pass by just 20 feet from the windows. Great food in an old railroad station with trains flying by? I was in rail fan heaven.

Pioneer Valley Aerials via YouTube
Pioneer Valley Aerials
via YouTube

It's hard to appreciate just how amazing this 128-year-old railroad station is without seeing it for yourself. However, Pioneer Vallery Ariels were able to show it off with their amazing drone video by flying right through the front doors.

Not only is this an amazing feat of piloting a drone in some very narrow and tricky locations, like through the cab window of an old steam locomotive in the parking lot, but it is also choreographed with the staff.

As the drone files into the main dining room, the doors swing open and it loops around to fly by the bar where a Steaming Tender bartender is mixing a drink. It heads down a narrow hallway, then outside again, swinging around to fly by a take-out window as the drinks were placed there by the bartender.

Pretty impressive huh?

If you're looking for some great food in a great atmosphere that sends you back in time, you should check out the Steaming Tender at 28 Depot Street in Palmer, MA. I'm definitely hitting it up again in a few weeks when I head down for more pinball.

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