Hello, Crocs People,

How are you? Comfortable, I presume. Not only the physical comfort of your feet but also comfortable within yourself to sport such footwear.

That's a good thing. I'm proud of you, and if I'm being honest, I also owe you an apology.

I've always found Crocs to be rather unsightly. I mean, they look cute on my toddler niece and nephew. They're great options for those in the medical field. They just always looked like holey chunky clogs, which, I guess is exactly what they are, but I never found them to be a good look. But a good look is not why people are wearing them, no.

People wear them because they're comfy.

And I'm here to admit, I get it now.

I was invited to go tubing down the Saco River this weekend. Having never done one of these excursions before I made sure to do my research and discovered they required either water shoes or...Crocs.

I thought, if I were to go with Crocs, which were about twice as much, I'd get more use out of them because I could wear them around the apartment, so, why not?

And here I am, writing this letter with Crocs on my feet. I went with the classic white, mostly because they were $26, but at least I know they'll go with everything...and nothing at the same time.


I have a newfound confidence. No longer will I be a slave to fashion standards.
No longer will I feel pressure to wear something cute and in style.

I have found comfort.

I have found peace.

I have found CROCS.

I hope you Crocs folk can forgive me for my ignorance and judgment all these years. My eyes have finally been opened. You are my people now.

Be well & stay comfy,

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