I'm not the most outdoorsy person in the world. Beyond owning a tent for backyard shenanigans with friends and a few flashlights, I'm without a paddle. (Pun intended.)

A New Hampshire man and educator by the name of William Rogers has been an ice skater for nearly his entire life. Just days ago he ventured out for a skate on Salmon Fall River in Somersworth, New Hampshire according to WMUR. 100 yards offshore, the ice cracked beneath him and he fell in the icy cold river and there was no one around to assist.

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In his interview with WMUR, Rogers recalls his thought process.

I remember telling myself, 'OK, don't panic. Don't panic. Figure out what your options are here.'

He couldn't reach his phone and it was futile to yell into the empty area. He then remembered that he was wearing his Apple Watch which is able to make calls.

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Based on what he knows of outdoor survival he indicated to dispatch that he likely had 10 minutes before becoming unresponsive. Firefighters were on the scene within 5 minutes and rescued him.

So what does one do if they do find themselves in this predicament and don't have an Apple Watch?

The Washington Post outlined the steps to take for your best chance at survival.

Step 1-Stay Calm
Easier said than done in the moment, I'm sure. Experts note that the water is so cold that it hurts and can take your breath away. Years ago I jumped off a cliff. Yes, all my friends were doing it. It was in the warmer months but I remember the panicked feeling once I hit the water and feeling like I couldn't breathe. Granted, that also could have had something to do with the impact.

Step 2-Keep Your Winter Clothes On
This may seem counterintuitive. They're not going to make you sink. In fact, they can help you float and keep you warm.

Step 3-Turn Towards The Direction You Came From
This makes a lot of sense. You made it that far so odds are that ice is thicker and more likely to hold you as you attempt to pull yourself out.

Step 4-Stay Horizontal
Once out, don't stand up right away or the ice could crack again.

May we never find ourselves in that situation, but if we do may our smartwatches be charged and these tips be helpful!

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