For Maine hunters, the annual moose lottery is a chance to grab one of about 3000 moose permits in hopes of bagging a moose, but you have to get really lucky to make that happen.

Moose hunting season doesn't occur until the fall, but hunters can now apply for a moose permit and hope the are one of the lucky ones to get one. Not only do you have to get lucky draw to get a permit, then you have to actually bag a moose which is no easy feat itself.

If you're one of the lucky ones that can do both, you would be taking home hundreds of pounds of meat. According to an article in the Bangor Daily News, if you bad a 600 pound moose, that's around 350 pounds of meat! You're going to want a big freezer.

Here's a video from The Maine Woods that shows all the skills needed to hunt moose, from following tracks to making moose calls. Warning: This video shows a dead moose that the hunter and Maine Guide prep before hauling it out. Although it does not show the actual kill, some viewers might find this disturbing.

The moose lottery application process has begun, so if you want in, you can sign up online at the link below. Registration is open until May 14. Good luck and happy hunting.


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