Do you do EVERYTHING with your dog? Then this next party we are throwing is for you!

Here in Maine and New Hampshire dogs are on top! We are big advocates for adopting dogs too. They become a part of the family and some even grow up with your children. We include them in family events and take them everywhere we go. We check them for ticks and feed them the best food for their health. In fact, more than ever people are choosing to have dogs instead of children. I am enjoying this trend tremendously with Fancy. She is the center of my universe and she truly is my little angel. I can't imagine life without her and I bet you feel the same about your pooch too.

So, how does going to a beautiful farm on a sunny day with your dog to enjoy live music, adult beverages and having some fun sound? Hops and Hounds is our next awesome outdoor event happening June 16th at Raitt Homestead Farm in Elliot, Maine. Tickets are only $5 and your dog gets in for free! Click here for details and to buy tickets now!

So I came across this hilarious song and music video paying tribute to all us Dog Moms out there. Get ready to be amazed and laugh your butt off. Play it for your pup too. Maybe they will dance along!

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