Alright, new moms and dads, now's your chance to show off how cute your little one really is by being Gerber's next spokesbaby!

According to News Center Maine they're looking for a child no older than 4 years of age and will be judged on "visual appeal, expressiveness, and consistency with Gerber's heritage..." If you have more than one kiddo they do limit entries to one child per family.


In addition to the title, Mom and Dad will receive a $25,000 check. That would certainly help those college expenses down the road, right?

To enter visit You'll answer some questions about yourself and your little one as well as upload a photo and video that must have been taken in the last 30 days. You have until February 21st to apply so don't wait!

Good luck! It's about time Gerber had a wicked cute Maine baby!

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